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“The safest fire extinguishing agent in the world”

Hydrogel is not dangerous for the environment and humans according to the most stringent European chemical laws and suitable for very effectively extinguishing Lithium ion battery fires as well as the most common other fire types.

This new fire extinguishing  solution consists of a modified natural clay and water, components which are derived from nature. Of course, Hydrogel does not contain any PFAS and it’s carbon footprint is less than 0,7%

The fire extinguishing mechanism of Hydrogel is based on temperature sensitive gel formation. This means that the low viscous water based fluid transforms into a viscous substance with increasing temperatures. Keeping the cooling capacity right on the fire source. The extinguishing hydrogel itself does not contribute to the fire since it does not contain burning substances.

The hydrogel is foamed into a thick foam by the propellant gas of the mobile extinguisher or by mixing with air of the sprinkler nozzle. This foam will adhere on hot surfaces of solid fires (even vertical walls and ceilings) and will float on non-polar fuels and fats.

The water content of Hydrogel will provide excellent cooling of the fire temperature. The clay content acts as a natural barrier for oxygen and flammable gases. Clay particles have a huge surface area generating this barrier. One gram of clay can cover a whole soccer field!

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Safe for the environment and humans

With this unique, patented, new approach, no Fluorine-polymer chemistry is necessary. Hydrogel is therefore not dangerous for the environment and humans according to the most stringent European chemical laws.

Not only excels Hydrogel in its environmental and human friendliness, its functionality is universal. It is suitable for a broad range of fire types:

Solids (class A)
Fuels (class B)
Fats (class F)
Lithium ion battery fires

  • Zero PFAS
  • Recycling
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