Hydrogel makes the world a safer place

All about Hydrogel

  • Zero PFAS
  • Recycling

Hydrogel is an innovative fire extinguishing agent based on a revolutionary new technology. With this unique, patented, new approach, no organic fluor chemistry is necessary and there is no compromise made in fire extinguishing effectiveness, environmental friendliness and human safety.

For extinguishing of Lithium ion battery fires, Hydrogel has proven to be a superior product. The energy transition of the recent years has led to an enormous increase of the use of lithium ion batteries. These batteries are nowadays part of everyday life, at home and at work. Lithium ion batteries increase the risk of fire in these places enormously, as they can catch fire instantaneously, by themselves without an external source. In such cases , the use of Hydrogel to effectively extinguish the burning batteries is vital.

Hydrogel extinguishes lithium ion battery fire

Lithium ion battery fire risk in daily life

Hydrogel is also the safest fire extinguishing agent in the world

Safe for environment:

  • Hydrogel contains ZERO PFAS
  • Hydrogel is proven non-toxic for the environment
  • Recyclable

Safe for humans:

  • Hydrogel will not decompose into dangerous substances, as many other fire extinguishing agents do. This means that Hydrogel is safe to use for the person who is extinguishing the fire.
  • Hydrogel is not hazardous for humans, does not cause skin irritation, etc.
  • Although Hydrogel contains more than 95% water, it can be safely used on electrical equipment (up to 1000 Volts) with a variety of nozzle designs
  • Zero PFAS
  • Recycling