Lithium ion battery fires

Thermal runaway blocker

“Hydrogel is a thermal runaway blocker”

The unique characteristics of Hydrogel makes it the perfect agent to extinguish lithium ion battery fires. By many experts, Lithium ion battery fires are considered to be a life threatening risk arising as an unintended, but dangerous side effect of the energy transition of last 10 years. Every day, dangerous fires are caused by lithium ion batteries. Hydrogel is capable to extinguish these fires very effectively.

Lithium-ion batteries, used in e-bikes, mobile phones, laptops, game consoles, etc. can catch instantaneous fire by means of a malfunction. These malfunctions can be caused by:

  • Overcharge
  • Too rapid charging
  • Damage by physical impact/shock
  • Heat
  • Internal short circuit
  • Manufacturing defect

A malfunctioning lithium ion battery can lead to an internal chain reaction, which is called a thermal runaway. The malfunction causes the temperature inside the battery to increase to a point that a chemical reaction is started inside the battery. This chemical reaction produces even more heat, which drives the temperature higher, causing further chemical reactions that create more heat. This chain reaction is called a thermal runaway.

Fire Li Class

Thermal runaway

In thermal runaway, the battery cell temperature rises incredibly fast to extreme high levels. These temperatures cause toxic and flammable gassing of the battery, leading to an explosive fire that is so hot and vicious that it is nearly impossible to extinguish.

Hydrogel will extinguish the flames in the shortest time. Due to its ability to stick to hot surfaces, the Hydrogel will apply maximum cooling of the exploded battery cells. By doing so, the temperatures will drop rapidly and prevent other nearby batteries to go into a thermal runaway: The thermal runaway is blocked by the Hydrogel and further risk of fire is eliminated.

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