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The wide range of fire types for which Hydrogel is suitable makes it suitable for many applications in hand held fire extinguishers, industrial applications and building fire protection. Hydrogel can be used in many applications as long as they are frost free and suitable for premix agents.

Hand held fire extinguishers

The vast majority of beginning fires are extinguished with hand held fire extinguishers. Hydrogel is suitable for awide range of fire types: solids, fats and lithium ion battery fires.

Handheld fire extinguishers must be replaced at least every 10 years. Often, legislation prescribes prior replacement of the agent. Hydrogel has a lifetime of more than 10 years. Earlier replacement is not required for technical/performance reasons. When replacement of the agent is required prior to 10 years, Hydrogel can be discharged without any problems, as it is ECO-safe.

For Hydrogel hand held fire extinguishers we refer to our brand ASAPs.

ASAPs stands for:

  • As Sustainable As Possible
  • As Safe As Possible
  • As Simple As Possible
  • As Smart As Possible

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Hand held fire extinguishers

The vast majority of starting fires are extinguished with hand held fire extinguishers.

Industrial & building applications

Hydrogel can be used for industrial & building fire extinguishing systems. The unique properties and capabilities enables an improved fire extinguishing solutions for a variety of industries and building types.

Hydrogel is the most environmental safe fire extinguishing agent in the world:

  • Non-toxic for environment
  • Re-usable: back to nature after service life as fire extinguishing agent

Hydrogel is the most human safe fire extinguishing agent in the world:

  • The most common extinguishing agents are also dangerous to use. The decomposition components are often toxic gasses (Ammonium, Sulphur-dioxides, etc.), which are formed by the high temperatures during extinguishing. Using these agents to extinguish a fire, should only be done while wearing an oxygen mask. Normally, only professional fire extinguishers use such equipment. But what about people at home, office, hotel, schools or working environment… Hydrogel decomposes in water vapor only and is therefore very safe to use.
  • According to the most stringent European chemical laws, Hydrogel is classified to be not hazardous for humans, does not cause skin irritation, etc. like many other agents do. Check our Safety Data Sheet in the download section.
  • Although Hydrogel contains more than 95% water, it can be safely used on electrical equipment (up to 1000 Volts) with a variety of nozzle designs.

Hydrogel is a new technology for fire extinguishing agents. With our partners, we continue to develop new properties and functionalities which will widen the scope of applications for Hydrogel and improve its performance.

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Industrial & building applications