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“The safest fire extinguishing agent in the world”

Powder and foam are used the most common used fire extinguishing agents. Main disadvantages of these products are the environmental polluting characteristics, leading to undesired and unintended damage to infrastructure and equipment and pollution of soil, ground- and surface water. Even newly developed PFAS free agents can be harmful for the environment (Eco-toxicity).

One can look at the environmental impact of a product in many different ways, but either way you look at Hydrogel is comes out to be the most environmental safe fire extinguishing agent in the world.

  • Not dangerous for environment: aquatic toxicity studies according OECD Guideline for Testing of Chemicals against algae and daphnia showed that Hydrogel is non-toxic for the environment.
  • ZERO PFAS: Hydrogel contains zero PFAS. The most accurate measurement systems confirm <1 ppb PFAS in Hydrogel. This is even a 1000 times better score than the PFAS limits used by Milieukeur.
  • Re-usable: back to nature as compost enhancer after service life as fire extinguishing agent (in development)
Safest fire extinguishing

Hydrogel is 100% PFAS free

Fluorine surfactants and other fluorine containing substances (PFAS) are applied in various products: cleaning- and maintenance agents, packaging, textiles, coating and fire extinguishing agents.

Fluorine contributes to a high extinguishing effectiveness. But, for humans these man-made chemical substances have a bad impact on the environment: they cannot be broken down by natural processes and therefore accumulate in animals and humans and are dangerous for all living species. More information on risks of PFAS used in fire extinguishing agents can be found here.

In Europe a ban on PFAS is expected in 2028. This implies that in 2028 all PFAS containing fire extinguishers must be replaced by a PFAS free version. Do not wait for government laws to come into place and avoid health claims of stakeholders and fast increasing disposable costs: take action now and replace PFAS containing fire extinguishing agents by PFAS free versions ASAP.

Hydrogel is 100% PFAS free (ZERO PFAS) and therefor future and environment proof! Moreover, after its service life of 10 years we expect that Hydrogel can be recycled into a compost-enrichment supplement: amongst others, potato plants grow better with the clay component of Hydrogel added to the compost.



Hydrogel is not only not dangerous for the environment, but also for humans. The most common extinguishing agents are dangerous to use. The decomposition components are often toxic gasses (Ammonia, Sulphur Dioxide, etc.), which are formed by the high temperatures during extinguishing.  Using these agents to extinguish a fire, should only be done while wearing an oxygen mask. Normally, only professional fire extinguishers use such equipment. But what about people at home, office, hotel, schools or working environment… Hydrogel decomposes in water vapor only and is therefore very safe to use.

According to the most stringent European chemical laws, Hydrogel is classified to be not hazardous for humans, does not cause skin irritation, etc. like many other agents do. Check our Safety Data Sheet in the download section. Although Hydrogel contains more than 95% water, it can be safely used on electrical equipment (up to 1000 Volts) with a variety of nozzle designs.

The unique characteristics of Hydrogel makes it the perfect agent to extinguish Lithium ion battery fires. By many experts, Lithium ion battery fires are considered to be a life threatening risk which has arisen from the energy transition of last 10 years. Every day, dangerous fires are caused by Lithium ion batteries. Hydrogel is capable to extinguish these fires effectively.

“HYDROGEL makes the world a safer place”